Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Plant a Fruit Tree" Sale

This is a pitch for Evermore Edible Landscapes, my new business venture. We are doing a "Plant a Fruit Tree" sale. Here is a link to the flyer (PDF) that I used to get the word out. We will purchase and plant a fruit tree in your yard for $100 when you contact Evermore Edible Landscapes by June 16th.

Benefits of having a fruit tree in your yard:
  • Best tasting fruit - in my opinion, is that which grows in your own yard. Fruit can be picked at the peak of ripeness and eaten within hours, if not immediately, unlike food purchased from the store or even from roadside stands.
  • Convenient - no trip to the grocery store in hopes that that fruit is in stock
  • Food safety - you know exactly what has been done to the tree and the fruit, as well as where the fruit has been (tree → across the yard → into the house, if it gets that far before it is eaten ), who has touched it, and what they had on their hands when they did touch it. In case you could not tell, food safety is a big concern of mine.
  • Food security - no worries about whether the fruit will be available at the grocery store. You will be able to tell for weeks how much fruit to expect for your harvest. And that harvest is not dependent on the weather in California or the price of fuel, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly - this is true in so many ways. Just a couple are that you have increased - as opposed to reduced -  the number of trees on the planet, and you shrink your carbon footprint by producing your own food.
  • Wallet friendly - although it may seem like it would take a lot of fruit to make up for the cost of adding a fruit tree to your yard, it does make financial sense to produce your own food. Especially with increasing food prices which tend to go up fastest for fresh produce.
  • Healthy choice - everyone knows that eating fresh produce is good for your health. But the healthiest produce is that which is perfectly ripe and ready in your own region. Plus, nothing encourages you to eat fresh produce like watching it ripen on the tree, anticipating its juicy sweetness in your mouth. :-)
  • Spring blossoms! - need I say more?
  • Perennial - unlike a squash or tomato plant, once you have a fruit tree in the ground you will not need to replant for years or decades. Plant once, harvest year after year after year.
So now that you want to have at least one fruit tree in your yard, fill out this form to request a phone call or visit about having me plant a fruit tree in your yard for you. Each tree is self-fertile (so you do not need multiple trees to have fruit) and semi-dwarf (so you can reach the fruit when it is ready to pick). They are at least two-years-old and between three feet and six feet tall. Unpruned, they can grow to be between fifteen and twenty-five feet tall, but with pruning you can keep your tree short.

Tree List:
  • Apple - Golden Delicious: ripens midseason, considered to be a great tree for home use, hardy, consistent bearer, fruit is good for eating fresh or canning.
  • Apricot - Chinese: blossoms come on later which keeps them from being frozen by the late frosts we have every spring; hardy; good flavor and texture; good production; great for cold winter regions, like Utah County.
  • Cherry, Sweet - Stella: split resistant, medium to large fruit, firm, thick foliage. Full disclosure: I have this variety.
  • Nectarine - Independence: early ripening, cold hardy, sweet and tangy flavor
  • Peach - Reliance: late bloomer, cold hardy, very sweet
  • Almond - All in One: cold hardy, handles frosts better than other varieties, great for home use, heavy producer, likes hot summers, sweet kernels
  • Pear, Asian - Twentieth Century: thin skin, medium-sized fruit, crisp and round like an apple, stores very well, good for fresh eating and canning. Full disclosure: I have this variety.
  • Pear, European - Bartlett: medium to large size fruit, top pick for this area, #1 choice worldwide, thin skin, begins producing in second or third year, delicious fresh or canned
When you indicate that you want Evermore Edible Landscapes to plant a fruit tree in your yard, you will then get the following:
  • Contacted to determine which type of tree and discuss placement.
  • The tree will be acquired and brought to your yard.
  • Final placement will be discussed and verified.
  • The tree will be planted with all labor provided by Evermore Edible Landscapes
  • Upon completion, you get proof of purchase which includes a warranty on the tree for ninety (90) days.
And you get all of this for $100 when you contact Evermore Edible Landscapes by Friday, June 16th. You can call (801) 850-3186 or fill out this form to request to be contacted.

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