I am just beginning to keep a public list of web sites that I regularly visit. They are my learning crutches: since I do not expect my brain to easily divulge everything that I have stuffed into it, I use these sites to refresh my understanding. They are all great resources. Please let me know if you have a similar great resource that is not included on this page.
  • Plants for a Future - Thorough reports on over 7000 species. While it has a distinct orientation towards planting in the UK, the data is still very helpful and pertinent.
  • Wikipedia - Even though Wikipedia seems to be the go to site to read up on pretty much anything, the info that it has on a huge number of plant species is a very worthwhile source of knowledge.
  • Oasis Design - This is the website of Art Ludwig, who I recognize as the greywater master. This site is somewhat hard to navigate, but it is definitely worth the effort to be able to acquire the knowledge that he shares. It includes everything about greywater that you never even thought to think about.

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